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olive oil company

Offering Orsi's Olive Oil Since 1932

-   ABOUT US  -

The Orsi Olive Oil Company was founded in 1932 by Angelo Ernesto Orsi. Zio Angelo immigrated to the United States of America in 1910.  He left his family from the small village, Sant' Andrea di Compito, in Tuscany Italy with but a small amount of lire for his new life in America.  Zio Angelo entered the U.S.A. through Ellis Island and made his way to the Sacramento area of California. He worked many jobs and saved enough money to eventually open his dream, "The Angelo Orsi Olive Oil Company" at one time the largest producer of Olive Oil in California. As a matter of fact, the old olive oil tins that he sold his olive oil in have become collectable antiques. Our logo and the logo you see on the tins were designed by his daughter April.  She sketched the tree from an actual tree on the farm and drew in the bears from memory. We have come to fondly call them "April's Bears".  The Orsi Olive Oil Tins have been displayed in magazines, Pottery Barn Catalogues and many others periodicals. They also can be found on the shelves of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant chain throughout the United States.  We are so proud to carry on Zio Angelo's dream and have been blessed with his passion of the Orsi name and the Orsi Olive Oil Company. We are contacted daily by many families with the Orsi name, we consider all Orsi's to be relatives, at some point in time, we were one family.  Our conversations are always on how our families came to be in the United States, who immigrated from where and who taught us to be proud of our Heritage.  

We Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to our conversation with you! 

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